Licensing, Policies, Resources

Licensing Information

Katy’s ECEC is licensed by the State of Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services. A copy of the regulations and standards as well as the Center’s most recent licensing inspection report is kept in the office and is available for review.

We are regularly inspected by the Fort Bend County Health Department and the Fort Bend County Fire Marshall to ensure that we meet the State of Texas requirements as well as our own high standards of quality health and safety.

The local childcare licensing office can be contacted at:

Phone 713-940-3009


Katy ECEC staff is trained annually to recognize signs of child abuse and neglect. Our methods for increasing employee and parent awareness and prevention techniques for child abuse and neglect are annual trainings and periodic handouts from community organizations. They are legally responsible to report any suspicion of abuse to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Child abuse hotline: 1-800-252-5400

Confidentiality Policy

It is our intent to respect the privacy of children and their parents and legal guardians, while ensuring that they access high quality care and education in our setting. We aim to ensure that all parents and guardians can share their information in the confidence that it will only be used to enhance the welfare of their children.

Weather Conditions

Watch for school district closings. Katy’s ECEC will only close if the Katy Independent School District (KISD) closes. If you have any questions regarding school closings or emergency procedures, please contact the school. Parents should expect to be contacted to pick up their child in the case of bad weather conditions.

Emergency Plan

In the event of an emergency evacuation the children will be transported to Westwood Gymnastics and parents will be notified to pick up their children.

In the event of a medical emergency the ECEC staff will contact 911 for an ambulance. The parent will then be contacted and notified of which hospital their child is being transported to.

Holidays Observed

Katy’s ECEC is closed on the following holidays for all students:

  • New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
  • Labor Day
  • Good Friday
  • Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after
  • Memorial Day
  • Christmas Week
  • Independence Day
  • Teacher in-service days – typically last two days of July

When the holiday occurs on a Saturday, the center will be closed the preceding Friday. When the holiday occurs on Sunday, we will closed the following Monday.


Katy’s ECEC is a consecutive twelve-month enrollment program. Our policy is to offer a two-week vacation at a 50% discount. Vacations require a two-week written advance notice. Any vacations taken without written notice will be subject to forfeiture of their child’s enrollment spot.

Safety in the parking Lot

The parking lot is extremely active during arrival and departure times. Please drive slowly and with extreme caution. Be careful and watch for little ones who might dash out in front of a car.

Gang Free Zone

Under Texas Penal Code, any area within 1000 feet of any childcare center is a gang free zone, where criminal offenses related to organized criminal activity are subject to harsher penalty.

Legal Compliance

To ensure that Katy’s ECEC is in compliance with any court orders pertaining to the custody of your child, we require a certified copy of the current custody order. We will keep this information confidential. It is our policy to remain neutral in custody matters.

Grievance Procedures

In the event that you have a concern regarding your child, ECEC staff, or policies please address it with your child’s classroom teacher. The ECEC staffs are available for conferences as needed. If at that time the issue is not resolved please contact the director. If at that time the issue is still not resolved, the owner will be contacted.


Katy’s ECEC requires a two week written notice prior to withdrawing your child. At that time all tuition fees must be paid in full. ECEC reserves the right to disenroll a child at anytime without prior notice.

Parent Acknowledgment

I understand that the policies written in the Parent Handbook are simply a guide of how Katy’s ECEC will operate its program. As a parent of Katy’s ECEC, I hereby acknowledge that I have received and read a copy of the Parent Handbook. I agree to abide by the policies written and understood concerning this preschool. I understand that I will be notified of any changes in policies and/or procedures and I will take responsibility to maintain copies of these changes. I also understand that at any time should I have any questions or concerns about the facilities policies or procedures that I can contact the director of the school.

This Acknowledgment Form will be provided to parents for their signature.