Arrival and Departure


iStock_000004043625_LargeWhen bringing your child into the center, you are required to clock your child in and out on the time clock. All members of the family will be assigned a specific ID code for the time clock. Please do not share your codes. We also ask that you sign in on the communication log in the classroom when you personally take your child to his/her own classroom.


Children will only be released to person over the age of 18 who are listed on the enrollment sheet. Anyone other than parents will be asked to show proper identification. When you pick up your child in the afternoon, we ask that you sign out on the communication log.

Late Pick Up Fee

The safety of your child is important to the staff at Katy’s ECEC. Therefore, it is important that your child be picked up in a timely fashion, so that we will always be at the proper staff/child ratio. As each child becomes accustomed to the daily routine, it can be stressful for your child if you do not arrive as expected. Parents of children at the center past the scheduled pick up time will be charged extra child care fees of $5.00 for each child for each 15 minutes or a fraction thereof past 6:15 p.m.

Legal Compliance

To ensure that Katy’s ECEC is in compliance with any court orders pertaining to the custody of your child, we require a certified copy of the current custody order. We will keep this information confidential. It is our policy to remain neutral in custody matters.