Now Enrolling… Amazing Kiddos!

childcare katy TXIf you are searching for a superior Christian childhood enrichment center, please visit us! Katy’s ECEC  is a popular campus that provides a loving and caring learning environment. Our consecutive twelve-month enrollment programs offers beneficial teacher-to-child ratios and a focus on the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth of the whole child.

Getting Started

We encourage you to browse our website and tour our facilities to see our educators and caregivers in action.

We offer:

  • 2, 3, and 5-day preschool programs for children ages six weeks to five years.
  • Learn more about our programs here.

Once you decide to enroll your child, you will be given an enrollment packet and will meet your child’s teacher. We welcome your involvement and have an open-door policy. Parents are encouraged to participate in classroom activities such as special events, parties, reading to the classrooms, eating lunch with their child, volunteering and helping the teacher complete tasks to prepare for daily activities.

Keeping Enrollment Information Current

In order for the staff of Katy’s ECEC to provide your child with the highest standards of safety, you must be of assistance in updating your child’s enrollment information as necessary and appropriate. The most important information to update is a change of telephone numbers for emergencies. Please provide this information in writing to the director as soon as a number has changed.

As your child is immunized, please be sure to provide the Director with a copy of your child’s current records. It is important that your child get a physical every calendar year acknowledging that they are healthy and able to participate in physical school activities. A copy of this acknowledgment should be provided to the Director.

If your child is receiving support from early intervention, it will help the staff to know about the accommodations recommended on the IFSP/IEP, as well as objectives your child is working on.

Grievance Procedures

In the event that you have a concern regarding your child, the ECEC staff, or policies, please address it with your child’s classroom teacher. The ECEC staffs are available for conferences as needed. If at that time the issue is not resolved please contact the director. If at that time the issue is still not resolved the owner will be contacted.


Katy’s ECEC requires a two week written notice prior to withdrawing your child. At that time all tuition fees must be paid in full. ECEC reserves the right to dis-enroll a child at anytime without prior notice.


Katy’s ECEC reserves the right to disenroll any child who does not conform to school polices. This includes children who do not demonstrate readiness to separate from home and bond with a new adult in a non-home situation. We also reserve the right to place a child on probation to help resolve some situations. When appropriate, childcare staff will meet with you and members of your child’s IFSP or IEP team to identify accommodations and/or behavior management plans which he/she may require to participate successfully. It is expected that parents will be cooperative in doing what is best for the health and welfare of their child as well as the other children in our program. We also expect parents to abide by the policies of Katy’s ECEC.