Developmentally Appropriate Programs for the Whole Child

Katy’s ECEC offers several consecutive twelve-month enrollment programs to meet the needs of children and their families in our community. Our focus is on the development of the whole child: physical, social, emotional, intellectual, cognitive and spiritual to help prepare them for further education in the prestigious Katy Independent School District… and beyond!

All programs include hands-on developmentally appropriate curriculum.

  • 2 day preschool program for children ages one year to five years
  • 3 day preschool program for children ages one year to five years
  • 5 day preschool program for children ages six weeks to five years
  • Field trips and playtime
  • An after school program for children attending public school
  • A welcoming environment for parental involvement

Potty Training

childcare katy TXPotty training is a team effort! We collaborate with families during these milestone months and will make every effort to coordinate our training program with the program you are using at home. We will not start any toilet training until you decide the time is right. When you make the decision, we ask that you supply us with at least two complete sets of clothing and an ample amount of diapers and training pants for each day your child attends. He or she may still need to wear a diaper during rest time.

Children with Special Needs

Katy’s ECEC policy is to accept children in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), its regulations, and any other applicable local, state or federal laws pertaining to the provision of services to those with disabilities. We will review each family’s situation on a case-by-case basis. Please provide copies of your child’s IFSP, IEP or an individualized care plan provided by your child’s health care provider that is prepared in consultation with family members and specialists involved in the child’s care. Discuss your child’s needs with the Director prior to enrollment in the center.

Outdoors Play

Outside play is considered to be an extension of the classroom at Katy’s ECEC. Weather permitting; the children will participate in outdoor activities every day. During the summer months we have scheduled splash days, which consist of the children wearing bathing suits and playing in sprinklers. No wading pools will be used. As always, supervision is a priority. If for any reason, such as illness, your child would not be able to be outside, we suggest they not attend class that day for their comfort.

Field trips / Transportation

At certain times during the school year our Older 3’s, Pre-Kindergarten, and School Age classes attend fieldtrips to enhance the children’s learning experiences. All parents are notified at least 48 hours prior to all field trips and are required to sign a permission slip for their child to attend. All children are required to wear the designated Katy ECEC t-shirt. On fieldtrips the children will be transported in the KECEC van unless otherwise informed. All fees are in addition to regular tuition and must be paid prior to the fieldtrip.

Rest Time

childcare katy TXA quiet rest period will be scheduled each day for approximately 12-2pm in the afternoon. Parents provide a rest mat for your child and we ask that you bring a small light-weight blanket to use during rest time. We ask that you label sheets, blankets and sleep toys and take them home to be washed each week.

Behavior Management

The staff of Katy’s ECEC will practices positive guidance and redirection. Teachers will recognize and encourage appropriate behavior. In the event that an undesired behavior is reoccurring, the parent will be notified to schedule a parent/teacher conference.

If a child demonstrates consistent aggressive behavior that will harm himself, other children or a staff member such as hitting, kicking, or biting, a behavior management plan will be put into place. The behavior management plan will be developed according to the needs of each child. A planning committee consisting of the parents, teachers, and a management staff member will develop and implement an appropriate plan that will help the child be successful and get back on track.

If necessary, a representative of the child’s Individual Service Plan (IFSP) or Individual Education Plan (IEP) team, which is assigned by the Katy Independent School District will be invited to the conference. After a behavior management plan has been implemented, consistent ongoing aggressive behavior could result in suspension and/or dismissal.

Hours of Operation

6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Please be considerate of the teachers and the children; be on time. We encourage children to be in their classrooms ready to begin at 9:00 a.m. to maintain a smooth transition.