Parent Responsibilities

Partnering with Parents

Katy’s ECEC is dedicated to providing a Christian-based quality education for your child. We recognize the uniqueness of each child and provide for individualized experiences to help children reach their maximum potential.

We are dedicated to helping your child develop age-appropriate skills. We encourage independence, nurture self-confidence and stimulate creative intelligence. To ensure that we address all of your child’s needs, all new students are enrolled at the school on a six-week trial period.

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Parent Involvement

iStock_000019897431_LargeECEC offers several ways for parents to be involved in our program. We have an open-door policy; parents are welcome visitors in our school at any time. Parent’s are encouraged to participate in classroom activities such as; special events, parties, reading to the classrooms, eating lunch with their child, volunteering and helping the teacher complete tasks to prepare for daily activities.

What to Bring to School

A small lightweight blanket is needed to use during rest time. Your child may bring special items needed for rest time such as pacifiers, stuffed animals, etc. Otherwise, toys from home are not allowed. A change of clothing is required for every child. Include underwear and socks, to leave at school in case of an accident. Be sure every article of clothing is labeled with your child’s name. Please include plastic bags for wet or soiled clothing to go home.   Parents must also provide diapers, pull-ups and baby wipes for children who are not yet potty trained. Teachers will send a note home when supply is running low.

Daily Communication

The ECEC staff will provide a daily communication log for each parent to fill out upon arrival at school. The staff will then fill out the information concerning the child’s day at school. It is the parent’s responsibility to check this during pick-up and drop-off each day. This allows for ongoing communication daily.

The ECEC staff is available for parent conferences as requested. Please see the director/owner to schedule a conference. This would include phone and face-to-face conferences.


We love to celebrate birthdays! If you wish to send a special snack for your child’s birthday, please make arrangements with your child’s teacher in advance. Healthy snacks are suggested. This must be commercially prepared packaged foods in factory sealed containers.

Safety in the parking Lot

The parking lot is extremely active during arrival and departure times. Please drive slowly and with extreme caution. Be careful and watch for little ones who might dash out in front of a car.

Parent Acknowledgment

I understand that the policies written in the Parent Handbook are simply a guide of how Katy’s ECEC will operate its program. As a parent of Katy’s ECEC, I hereby acknowledge that I have received and read a copy of the Parent Handbook. I agree to abide by the policies written and understood concerning this preschool. I understand that I will be notified of any changes in policies and/or procedures and I will take responsibility to maintain copies of these changes. I also understand that at any time should I have any questions or concerns about the facilities policies or procedures that I can contact the director of the school.

This Acknowledgment Form will be provided to parents for their signature.